Cultures of Rejection Consortium Meeting and Workshop

Moise Palace (Cres), August 16-19 2021

From August 16th to 19th 2021, Culture of Rejection project teams from Germany, Austria, Sweden, Serbia and Croatia met at Moise Palace, the University of Rijeka humanities and social sciences hub located at the renovated renaissance palace at the island of Cres, for an intensive workshop consisting of a series of sessions dedicated to discussing the research findings of the project, the theoretical and conceptual developments, and the planning of next research phases, publications and project activities.

The possibility of the consortium meeting physically at the Moise Palace researchers’ retreat was highly beneficial in terms of allowing for ample space and time to collectively comprehensively analyze the findings, insights and dilemmas of the project, and to examine in detail the complexity and trans-national scope of the investigated phenomena. Likewise, it allowed for sharing of research experiences and thorough preparations for the next research phase of the project.

Furthermore, a session was dedicated to the discussion of research articles currently in development as well as future publications. The workshop closed with the overview and discussion on the final activities of the project, including the production of a Culture of Rejection science communication materials and organization of the 2022 Belgrade conference.