Artists in Residence program offers fully furnished private rooms and working space for various forms of visual and performing arts. Mediation in organizing a solo show or presentations as a closure of the residency period.

The artist in Residence program is a platform for performing and visual arts, literature, music, new media, the Internet, and other art practices

  • It is a home for those who want to broaden and develop their working practice and poetics.
  • In the sea of residencies settled in urban centers, thus shunning from local communities, our house has opened doors for the existing communities of Cres island and its social, cultural, and biological heritage.
  • We believe that observers, friends, and colleagues are also outside our institutions, NGOs, or audience-development strategies.
  • Moise palace art residency program encourages artists to challenge their production and presentation context, which is displaced from projective temporalities and is not necessarily new.
  • Still, necessarily now, immersed into the flux of persons and goods that are to be shared anywhere and somewhere, anytime and some time.
  • Well, not sometimes, but time spent on Cres.
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