RECAS Project Surgery week at Moise Palace 

Each generation of Fellows participates in one week’s stay at Moise Palace at Cres. The core activity during the stay is a program called “Project Surgeries, which are sessions of collective discussion on the paper or the project of each Fellow This generation of Project Surgery Week took place from the 10th until the 16th of May 2024. The collaborative approach practiced, encourages the exchange of ideas and diverse perspectives, reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of the Fellows’ backgrounds.  

The week commenced with Ana Đorđević presenting her research on “Political Emotions and Political Participation of Regional Youth.” This was followed by a lively discussion that provided valuable feedback to enhance her work. Boriša Mraović then shared his insights on “Democratizing Fiscal Policies: Lessons from Socialist Yugoslavia,” and Kriton Kuci presented his study on “Redefining Tourism Narratives: Navigating Beyond Banal Nationalism in Southeast Europe.” 

The second day began with Valentina Otmačić’s project, “Memory of Good Things: Mobilizing Legacies of Inter-Ethnic Solidarity and Collaboration to Support a Culture of Shared Future in Southeast Europe.” Elona Gjata followed with her work on “Bilingualism: An Instrument for Destroying the Line of Nationalism in the Albanian Community of North Macedonia,” and Karlo Kralj discussed “Strategic Predicaments of New Left Movement Parties’ Development in Post-Yugoslav Space: Insights from Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia.” 

Ivana Angelova kicked off the third day with her presentation on “Corridors that Generate Life: Emancipation, Solidarity, and Collegiality as Common Threads.” Josef M Djordjevski then examined “Remembering Wounded Landscapes: Environments as Shared Memory Sites Commemorating War Destruction in the Former Yugoslavia,” followed by Danijel Matijević’s research on “The Rescue of Jewish Internees of Kampor Concentration Camp: From Liberation in September 1943 until Axis Capitulation in May 1945.” 

The final working day featured an online presentation by Peter Kreko on “Breaking Filter Bubbles in Informational Autocracies.” Aleksandar Bošković presented his findings on “Nothing (:) Made in Yugoslavia,” and Dominique van de Klundert concluded the week with her topic “Dark Sky Discourse: ‘Planetary’ Heritage in European Dark Sky Island Communities.” 

Project Surgeries at Moise Palace are not just about presentations; they encompass networking, team-building activities, and informal discussions, all working towards the fellowship’s goal of fostering a “culture of a shared future” in Southeast Europe. This week in Cres actively contributes to this goal by bringing forward narratives, evidence, and politics aimed at replacing a culture of hostility with a common vision of a joint future. Through rigorous examination and collegial feedback, Fellows contribute to the collective growth and academic excellence that underpin this shared vision.