At the 8th Meeting of the Rectors’ Forum of Southeast Europe and the Western Balkans, held on May 30-31 in Sarajevo, an agreement to establish the Regional Network of Centers for Advanced Studies (RECAS) was signed. The centers committed to developing postdoctoral research, networking young researchers, and strengthening cooperation in the fields of education, research, and innovation.

This initiative represents one of the main outcomes of the Forum’s efforts to enhance regional cooperation in higher education. Regional cooperation through the Rectors’ Forum began a few years ago, with the University of Rijeka, the University of Belgrade, and the University of Ljubljana ensuring the successful operation of the Forum as a key regional network of higher education through their dedicated efforts. The goal of the Forum is to strengthen cooperation between universities in our region, and the signing of the RECAS Agreement is undoubtedly a significant step in that direction.

RECAS includes the Center for Advanced Studies of Southeast Europe at the University of Rijeka (CAS SEE), the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory at the University of Belgrade (IFDT), the Institute for Advanced Studies at the University of Montenegro (INS), the Center for Advanced and Postdoctoral Studies at the University of St. Cyril and Methodius (CAPRIS UKIM), the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies “Professor Zdravko Grebo” at the University of Sarajevo (UNSA CIS), the Center for Advanced Studies at the University of “Hasan Prishtina” (CAS UP), the Center for Advanced Postdoctoral Studies at the University of Tirana (CAS UT), and the University of Ljubljana (UL). The RECAS Coordinating Committee is chaired by Prof. Dr. Petar Bojanić.

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