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CAS SEE Seminars with Guests: Luigi Ceccarini

Luigi Ceccarini is Professor of Politics and Head of the School of Political and Social Studies at the University of Urbino “Carlo Bo”, Italy. He is researcher at LaPolis and Demos&Pi, and co-editor of the journal ComPol, Comunicazione Politica. 

On Wednesday, July 14th at 10 am (CET), we hosted CAS SEE Weekly Seminar with Professor Luigi Ceccarini, presented by our fellow Gabriele Giacomini. The seminar is entitled: “The Digital Citizen(ship). Politics and Democracy in the Networked Society”.

Ceccarini explores the diverse and contested meanings of ‘citizenship’ in the 21st century, as representative democracy faces a mounting crisis in the wake of the digital age. He enriches and updates the common notion of citizenship, answering the question of how it is possible to fully live as a citizen in a post-modern political community.

Employing an international, multidisciplinary framework, Ceccarini brings together the findings of continental political philosophy and history, and contemporary western political science and communication studies to advance our understanding of political motivation and participation in the present day. As new participatory and monitoring dynamics of online citizenship redefine the very form of public space, Ceccarini addresses the values, creativity and aspirations through which social actors engage with a networked society, making use of technological innovations and new forms of communication to participate in post-representative politics. During this seminar, Ceccarini will propone a provocative call to action in an era defined by distrust, disillusionment and digitization.



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