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About the Fellowship Program

The CAS SEE Fellowship program is an international researcher mobility program that offers up to six-month residencies in Rijeka and the Balkans region’s countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, and Slovenia).

Fellowship Goals

Fellowship program is designed to aim these goals:

  • To promote high-level scientific activities encouraging public discussions of great social importance to Southeast Europe
  • To encourage freedom of research which ensures the prerequisites for innovative, intellectual, and scientific development, 
  • To strengthen transnational and regional scientific cooperation on social issues such as human rights, justice, democracy, and public policy, as well as other vital problems of human coexistence.

Fellowship Benefits

By becoming our fellows, you will have the following benefits.

  • Having your research-oriented conditions with stimulating, multidisciplinary, global scholars ambiance
  • Having your topic synergies with our former Fellows
  • Receiving monthly stipend with amount depends on the calls (Travel and health care provisions are dealt by fellows)

Calls for Fellows

Our annual fellowship calls usually occur two times a year: Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter call with each holding a thematic focus covering the Research Programs. The governance boards of CAS SEE agree upon these thematic foci by consensus. With the help of the Academic Advisory Board and the advice of the Board of Patrons, CAS SEE invites Honorary Fellows based on their outstanding intellectual and scholarly achievements. Our  Honorary Fellows  freely choose their research projects and thus significantly contribute to creating an intellectually stimulating atmosphere for all academics linked with CAS SEE.

By inviting outstanding artists and thinkers, CAS SEE completes its pool of intellectuals who are working towards impacting and advancing public discourses on socially relevant topics, both regional and global. CAS SEE ensures full access to necessary equipment for fellows as our team endeavors to provide favorable working conditions for fellows in residence. CAS SEE and its regional team ensure access to library resources and all pertinent local and regional scientific and networking events. Henceforth, our fellows always have the upfront intellectual access.

As we support the development of research solely, our fellowship application has no fee. The fellowship is also open to both junior and senior fellows. We attempt to support the junior researcher to engage with senior researcher. Henceforth, we always encourage junior researchers to partake. 

Selection Procedure

CAS SEE has no restrictions on country of origin, discipline, or academic position in selecting its fellows. The members of the Academic Advisory Board select the Fellows in a highly competitive and independent fashion based on recommendations made by anonymous peer-reviewers. The Academic Advisory Board then proposes their shortlist of Fellows to the Directors. Inaugural distinguished fellows accompany the Center’s development to promote and publicly disseminate ideas and values linked to the vision of the Center. In this capacity as ‘facilitators,’ the distinguished fellows are called upon to initiate debates on issues pertinent to research on Southeast Europe and thus weave discursive nets that can cushion the Center’s subsequent work.

Required documents

  • Fellowship application form (fill out our online application form here,  read the guideline here)
  • Curriculum vitae / Resume
  • Research paper of about 1500 to 2000 words, including the following materials:
    • Research connections and relevance to a broader academic context.
    • Research methods and goals.
    • Research the current state and schedule.
    • National and international cooperation partners, if available.
    • Research interdisciplinary dimension.
    • Research objectives.
    • Motivation in participating
    • Research ethics, if relevant.
  • A personal essay of about 500 words


  • The research paper and personal essay must have a page number.
  • Applicants should mention their last and first names and email addresses at the head of the documents.
  • Documents should be in PDF format.

Current Fellowship Calls

Thank you for your interest in the CAS SEE Fellowship program. We appreciate your enthusiasm and dedication to advancing interdisciplinary research and fostering intellectual exchange.

Please note that the current fellowship call is not yet open. CAS SEE typically publishes fellowship calls around the late Spring or Early Autumn period. We encourage you to keep an eye on our website and follow our social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for updates and announcements regarding the fellowship application process.

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We understand the importance of staying connected and informed, and we look forward to welcoming you to our fellowship community in the near future.