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Tramuntana Cres: Artist in Residence at the Moise Palace

Fellowship and Artistic Residences in the Moise Palace

What do our former fellow guests say?

Valeria Graziano

Unique, thoughtful, and well-tailored offer to support early to mid-career researchers… conversations, seminars outside one’s field, residential intensive retreat, project surgery on the island of Cres, and the proximity among fellows created a very conducive atmosphere for growth and exchange. Very much valued the otherwise low pressure of this scheme to engage in public-facing or output-driven activities for the duration of the fellowship (outside one’s own main research process).

Valeria Graziano, Critical Organisation and Performance Studies, Queen Mary University

I never imagined the ongoing extent of support, community, and vibrant intellectual culture the Center has provided… a crucial infrastructure for developing a progressive and thriving research culture in Southeastern Europe.

Tanja Anđić, University of Minnesota, USA

CAS seminars were beneficial in keeping me up to date on the state of the art in area studies… I was able to invite four guests to take part… This was my first time organizing talks and I felt that this experience was a valuable one for me at this stage in my career.

Kevin Kenjar, UC Berkeley, USA

Foodwave 2021 seminar hosted in the splendid setting of Moise Palace. The motivation of the speakers and the multidisciplinary approach allowed us to focus on those sectors of the food system that now more than ever require our commitment: the elimination of gender inequalities and a public procurement oriented towards sustainability.

Giulia Caddeo, Urban Food Policies

It was a great experience. Its lively intellectual community is very committed in tackling urgent political issues and in fostering a dialogue between theorists and activists (and people who are both). These are just two among the things that I have enjoyed the most. And the research center at Moise Palace is such a rare beauty!

Valentina Moro, University of Verona

Rijeka offered an amazing space to work. CAS SEE opened a lot of possibilities for networking, although the events were sometimes quite abstract and many times academic. I enjoyed my fellowship a lot… made new collaborations, and would be thrilled to work again in the future with the collaborators who were included in the organization.

Mateja Kurir, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana

The entire fellowship experience could not be more positive. The month I have spent in Cres ranks among the best academic experiences I had in my life. I can only thank all of you from the University of Rijeka, specially Sanja, Petar, Lucija, and Marko-Luka for all the support during these months. I would also like to comment on the quality of the other fellows’ projects, which has fostered a very prolific environment of intellectual exchange.

Gabriel Rezende, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

A great success… due to the team that you made available to support us before and during the event. I have received tremendous feedback from delegates who appreciated the quality of meeting rooms, the IT availability and the excellent accommodation.  Cres itself proved to be a wonderful destination – the food and culture, biodiversity and the welcome we received from everyone will live long in the memory. I would certainly recommend the Moise Palace to any conference organiser.

Robin Gourlay, Eating City Platform 2020-2030

Interdisciplinarity has always been at the core of the research activities of CAS in Rijeka. The intensive workshop held in the Moise palace, on the island of Cres, was a testing ground for such an approach. Vibrant debates, diverse sections, food for thought characterized that week as an intriguing time of intellectual exchange.

Francesca Rolandi , University of Turin, Italy

I had the opportunity to interact with brilliant colleagues from different research fields. Indeed, interdisciplinarity is a strength of the CAS SEE. At CAS SEE, I found a philosophically inspiring, productive and friendly environment to boost my professional and scientific growth.

Olimpia Loddo, University of Cagliari

Chasing Albanian presence at the level of symbolic and spatial terms the core of my research in Western Europe, bring some new thoughts on the migration patterns. The specific of Rijeka migration and the dynamic ambient of the city, brings new insights into my current projects. Amazing infrastructure made my training mobility not just intense scientifically but also smooth.

Agata Rogoś, Humboldt University

I have only positive experiences from my fellowship at CAS SEE. The organization was very good. I had the opportunity for intellectual exchange, which boosted my work. The work place was provided. Additionally, a major conference in Belgrade was organized and we had the opportunity to participate in it.

Jan Muś , Department at the Institute of Central Europe, Poland
Katarina Kušić

This was a wonderful opportunity to connect with new and old colleagues and develop my research. Thank you, CAS team, for everything!

Katarina Kušić, Aberystwyth University, UK

My experience was unfortunately hampered by the pandemic. Although everything took place online, I felt part of a group of scholars and researchers. The international and welcoming environment allowed me to carry out a research experience totally different from the Italian one. Inclusiveness and participation are two of the fundamental key feature, together with the high quality of the research and of the topics covered. Hence, I hope to have the opportunity to come back in person!

Federica Porcheddu, Istituto Europa Sassari
Achille Zarlenga

Made me realize how the multidisciplinary approach is a very important guideline for the center. Despite the specialism, increasingly frequent in the academic world, the events planned by CAS’s fellows showed a profound heterogeneity that enriched our minds, leading us to deepen and problematize the connections that emerged, sometimes naturally sometimes casually, during the seminars.

Achille Zarlenga, University of Molise, Italy

My stay at the CAS SEE in Rijeka included me into a small, but vibrant generation of fellows. Focusing on discussion, debate, and critical thinking provided my research with contrasts, re-evaluations and nuances. Amongst others, this is why I consider the CAS SEE fellowship as one of the cornerstones of critical academic thought in Southeast Europe, which in this sense, produces not only an environment for future research, but also conveys a message of excellence, cooperation and social involvement.

Oszkár Roginer, University of Graz

The ambiance of this island in November gave us enough free (mental) space to enjoy while working and thinking through about some ideas while reading or contemplating by the sea. This place, both the island and the Moise Palace are almost destined for giving birth to big ideas and significant talks and agreements.

Filip Balunović, Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy

With their instant response came such an inspiring place for our project – a historical jewel of our old town, the newly renovated Moise Palace. It was more than we could hope for! We got a place that is pleasant, clean and well looked after and in which we have everything we need. We are really grateful to the University of Rijeka for their encouragement and support.

Luna mea, musical duet
Natasha Sardžoska

I felt extremely welcomed and encouraged to do my research by Prof. Bojanic. The administrative support was outstanding too. We have had a series of international conferences and the privilege to perform and attend the Western Balkans Summit in Trieste. Very enriching academic experience because it involved many different stakeholders and academic institutions.. If I had the chance I would re-do it again!

Natasha Sardzoska, Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen