We are excited to announce the „Contours of Change A Decade of Transformative Inquiry at CAS SEE“ publication.
Through the publishing of research projects from the last two generations of fellows, the Center celebrates its effort to support science, research, and the encouragement of young researchers at the beginning of their academic careers.

2023 was marked by the celebration of the University of Rijeka 50th anniversary alongside the Center for Advanced Studies of Southeastern Europe’s decade of valuable work. It takes time and work to become knowledgeable, increase expertise and share the enormous responsibility for the future – 138 postdoctoral CAS SEE fellow positions and over 600 months of supported research speak for that.

Those who have followed our work will recognize the values we stand for reflected in the topics outlined across over twenty open calls for applications, which invited contributions on issues such as migration, the possibility of the end of violence; European identity in all its forms; forms of solidarity in times of war and crises; ecology, justice in cities and beyond; cultures of rejection; illiberalism, authoritarianism, and possibilities for peace; the resilience of democracy; and legal frameworks that harmonize relations between humans, non-humans, and inanimate objects. These calls have also addressed imagined and real frontiers and borders of Europe, the Global South, and the Western Balkans. Each call has addressed a facet of reality, thereby envisioning the future. Through them, we have consistently strived to comprehend where we are, where we have come from, and where we are heading.