The lifelong learning Program “Youth in Contemporary Society” has started and is being implemented by the University of Rijeka and the Faculty of Philosophy in partnership with the Institute for Social Research and the University of Ljubljana. The program has 30 participants from six European countries who will attend (online and onsite) classes over the next 10 months with a focus on three thematic units, a youth research and youth work, youth work and youth and community development, in order to provide them with recent scientific research the findings enabled a better understanding of the position of young people in the modern world.


The Youth in Contemporary Society lifelong learning program is a youth study pilot project. At many universities within the European Union and beyond, the field of youth studies is considered a part of social sciences so the education of youth work professionals is performed at undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels (university and specialist study programs). The dynamics and complexity of contemporary society demand a methodical and coherent approach to the identification, analysis, and evaluation of the broad social context in which different social groups exist to develop responsive, adequate, and quality public policies aimed at efficiently solving their problems. The youth, as a separate social group, are no exception from that and their distinctiveness has been recognized in many normative and other acts on national, international, and global levels as well as the importance of quality education of professionals which will work for the youth and with the youth.

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