On Friday, September 23, Rajka Jurdana Šepić held a lecture entitled: The impact of physics’ discoveries on the history of the 20th century.

More about the lecture:

The exponential development of physics and its discoveries in the 20th century influenced all aspects of human life; economic, social, political, philosophical, and artistic. The beginning of the century was marked by the theory of relativity and quantum physics, which introduced revolutionary changes in the understanding of space and time. Technologies based on discoveries in physics were used in both world wars; the culmination was the use of atomic weapons with consequences unprecedented in human history. In the second half of the century, “big science” developed, and the discoveries of transistors, chips, and the Internet caused a digital revolution. In addition to the fundamental knowledge of cosmology and astrophysics, until the end of the 20th century, physics contributed to space exploration, the space program, the discovery of the structure of DNA, and revolutionized medical diagnostics with the discovery of numerous imaging techniques.

The lecture is available at the following link: https://fb.watch/g1p4JfEv6E/

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