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Moise Palace at the Island of CRES

The largest building in the city center, the Moise Palace

A North Adriatic cultural monument of considerable historical, artistic, and symbolic importance, the 500-year-old MOISE palace is located in the old town center of the City of Cres. Set against the pristine natural background of Cres Island, this monumental building is the largest patrician Renaissance city palace in Croatia.

Political, economic, and ecological systems, institutions, and norms must be redesigned for a meaningful research-based, inherently democratic, and participative transformation. The splendid isolation of MOISE offers a unique forum space for intellectual shift and collective creation that foster groundbreaking ideas and lead to actual change. MOISE aims at evolving into one of the most inspiring spaces for provoking dialogue and future-shaping thought in Europe.

Ultimately consequent in diversity, equity, and inclusion, MOISE creates new proximity to reinvent Europeanness and co-design better societies. A radical holistic approach where analytic thinking encounters arts brings social innovation. Having experienced MOISE, participants return to their communities as change-makers empowered to act across realms and borders as agents of Democracy and Solidarity.

The Palace Moise Core Program represents a balanced blend of both academic and community activities:

Research & Education ● Fellowship residencies ● Research program (courses, conferences, workshops) ● European Forum Moise ● Regional School of Democracy ● Moise Papers Journal ● Study programs, student cooperation, and mobility ● Residencies and artistic projects ● Partner events (seminars, conferences) Community ● Shared Kitchen ● Creative Communities ○ Youth education ○ Community events ○ Cultural production & Creative incubation ○ Life-long learning ○ Vulnerable communities ● Mediatheque

Cres City Harbor
Western Terrace, Moise Palace

Gathering both international academic and local communities, MOISE is an open place of encounter that brings revitalization, restoration and resilience.

A forum for investigation, exploration and discovery, MOISE offers a pristine retreat for cutting edge academic research, communication and progressive pedagogy.

MOISE builds new models for embedding communities of solidarity and deep engagement within local and global networks in a radically open, inclusive and mindful way.

Devising strategies and experimenting with practices for social, economic and political change, MOISE is a laboratory for transformative thinking of considerable impact.

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UNIRI The Moise Palace: Cres Island

An education center of the University of Rijeka is five-hundred-year-old patrician townhouse and the largest Renaissance palace on the Croatian islands. A venue and forum for various scientific and research activities, it welcomes visiting academics, students


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