On Sunday, May 17th, 2023, starting at 11 a.m., a puppet show titled “Little Secrets of Professor Cipher” took place at Moise Palace as part of the “Scientific Matinee in Moise” series.

The puppet show led the audience on a journey into the world of cryptography, where they discovered the art of writing secret messages. Professor Cipher and her friend Professor Cryptic explained the basic principles of encryption and demonstrated how they concealed their messages from prying eyes.

The show, written and directed by Marija Maksimović, featured puppets and set design by Igor Malnar and was performed by Marija Maksimović. With a duration of 25-30 minutes, the performance was tailored for children in grades 1 through 4 of elementary school.

UNIRI The Moise Palace: Cres Island

An education center of the University of Rijeka. A five-hundred-year-old patrician townhouse and the largest Renaissance palace on the Croatian islands. A venue and forum for various scientific and research activities, it welcomes visiting academics, students and scholars.