Valentina Martan and Maja Kelić

On Thursday, June 30, as part of the UNIRI for Cres Community program, doc. dr. sc. Maja Kelić and assistant professor Valentina Martan from the University of Rijeka held a lecture on Pre-skills of Reading and Writing in Moise Palace.

Reading and writing are the essential tools a child gets during the first years of education. These skills largely determine academic success and thus guide the future life of each individual. For successful mastery of reading and writing, developing other skills such as well-developed language abilities, especially phonological ones, working memory, visual perception, and visual-motor coordination is necessary.

The lecture was intended for parents, educators, teachers, and professional associates. It shared the long-term experience of dealing with reading and writing pre-skills and reading disorders, both in clinical and educational settings and in scientific work.

You can access the lecture via the link of the Moise Palace Facebook page:

UNIRI The Moise Palace: Cres Island

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