On Wednesday, November 9th, dr Ervin Kamenar held a lecture Could Robotics and Mechatronics Improve the Quality of Life?

The scientific and teaching work of the research group from the Faculty of Engineering and the Center for Micro- and Nanosciences and Technology of the University of Rijeka covers a wide spectrum of technical and natural sciences. The emphasis of the lecture was on developing robotic systems, whit a focus on the systems used to assist in the rehabilitation of patients who have suffered a stroke, or for some other reason have reduced functionality of the upper extremities. 

The development of these systems is carried out through close cooperation with colleagues from the Faculty of Medicine and KBC Rijeka. During the lecture, the 3D printing technologies, which are used to make the components of these devices, as well as the actuators and sensors that drive them, were discussed. Furthermore, Kamenar lectured about soft robotics, a relatively new branch of research in the field of robotics that represents an alternative for making components of rehabilitation devices that become more comfortable for users to wear. 

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