On Saturday, September 10th, a new series of lectures, “UNIRI for the Cres Community,” began. It started with the lecture of Dr. Vjeran Pavlaković and Dr. Benedikt Perak from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Rijeka. They held a lecture entitled: Culture of memory and digital methods of presenting experiences of history.

It was focused on presenting interactive applications and digital platforms such as Rijeka in Flux, Topotek, Landscapes of Memory, and scientific projects focused on analyzing monumental heritage and commemorative practices such as FRAMNAT. The event prompted an understanding of modern possibilities, exchange of experiences, and connection with current projects.

The lecture is available on the following link: https://fb.watch/g1mymvsrOh/

UNIRI The Moise Palace: Cres Island

An education center of the University of Rijeka. A five-hundred-year-old patrician townhouse and the largest Renaissance palace on the Croatian islands. A venue and forum for various scientific and research activities, it welcomes visiting academics, students and scholars.