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Report on Protests against anti-Covid measures in Europe

Cultures of Rejection (CuRe) Research Group, which includes CAS SEE researchers, published an executive summary of their report on protests against anti-Covid measures in Europe. 
The Cultures of Rejection (CuRe) Research Group is a consortium of researchers from various disciplines, including sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, political science, and philosophy, funded by the Volkswagen Foundation. In early 2019, CuRe began to investigate the social and cultural conditions in which authoritarian and far-right populist movements operate and thrive, conducting empirical research along the transnational space created by the migration movements in 2015 in Serbia, Croatia, Austria, Germany, and Sweden. Reacting to the new circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2021 the research group began to conduct in-depth studies of mobilizations, both online and offline, against anti-COVID measures, such as lockdowns, mandatory face masks and vaccinations, in all five countries. In this executive summary, we present main insights of our research, shedding light on some key features of the protest movements from an international, comparative perspective. 
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