The “Out of Sight: Poverty, Rurality, Gender” photo exhibition provides an intersectional approach to poverty and gender issues and presents us with photographs that were made as a result of a research project in the rural parts of Serbia and Kosovo.

Jelena Ceriman, Milos Kosovac (CELAP), and Kristina Smoljanovic (Center for Advanced Studies, University of Rijeka) presented us with the context of the ethno-sociological research whose aim was to show the (non) functioning of the social security system in these rural areas, particularly regarding certain facets of the population. The exhibition consisted of 28 out of a few hundred photographs made by people from different marginalized and invisible social groups: young women and girls, disabled persons, (permanently) unemployed people, citizens of rural areas without health care and/or any social security and people without formal education, painting a picture of the communities which are frequently represented only as numbers by the system.

Using a camera, girls, young women, and women from rural parts of Kosovo and Serbia backed up the results and ethnographic materials provided by researchers, thus humanizing the issues of poverty and social exclusion.

Other than in Serbia and Croatia, the exhibition will be presented in Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, Germany, and Macedonia. It will be accompanied by a series of debates on the subjects of social security issues and the protection of citizens within the region and the UN.

The exhibition is a part of the Summer school “Rethinking Politics of Diversity” program and will be open throughout its duration, September 12th – September 16th, 2016.

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