The Center for Advanced Studies Southeast Europe, University of Rijeka warmly invites you to the exhibition ”Living Water” by the artist Bojana Vuksanović at the Moise Palace.

01 August  2023 – 01 January 2024

They said, water is life and renewal: I grow because rains water me and the sea nourishes me. They said: water is cleansing and renewal, reception, the symbolism of baptism, purity. They said that water is depth, waves that immerse me but also nourish me with air, when I catch my breath in the golden glimmer of the eye. In the thirteenth century, in Persia, lived the poet Rumi. His words were: ‘You are not just a drop in the ocean; you are the entire ocean in a single drop.’In each of us, in every individual life, there are countless oceans. Each with its own story, its chromosomal arrangement, and its entirety. Every water, like bubbles reflecting in Bojana Vuksanović’s ceramics, connects, separates with other bubbles, and extends its roundness towards closeness. Intertwined with each other, we long for closeness, yet heavy and sluggish because equally burdened by our past, our nostalgias from times when we only breathed in waters and floated protected, we await life to happen.

About the Author:

Bojana Vuksanović is a chartered member of Royal Institute of British Architects [RIBA], member of Rijeka Architects Association [DAR] and Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Arts [ULUPUH].She graduated architecture from Edinburgh College of Art in 2003 and holds a postgraduate degree in architecture from ECA, studied at Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona [ETSAB] in 2005. Prior to that, she studied architectural engineering in London.After years spent abroad, she currently lives on the island Cres, working as architect and designer and creates in medium ceramics. She has previously worked for Studio Daniel Libeskind, Berlin, JM Architect, Edinburgh, Reiach and Hall Architects, Edinburgh, Great Britain. She has freelanced for Cloud-9, Barcelona, Media-Tic project, Icosis Architects, Edinburgh, Zeroarchitecture, Italy, Underground City XXI, Croatia.
Exhibitions:2022 “Geometry of Nature” Museum of Cres/ solo exhibition2021 “Genius Loci” Museum of Cres/ solo exhibition2020 – 2021  3rd Biennale of industrial art, Rijeka ECoC 2020, “Dock Culture”, Moise palace, Cres/ solo exhibition2020 Biennale exhibition “Art – Eco / Forest”, gallery ULUPUH, Zagreb2017 HDD gallery of Croatian Design Association, Zagreb/ solo exhibition2016 HUIU gallery Pula/ solo exhibition2016 Days of architecture in Istria, L.A.E. XXI Undeground city, Lamparna, Labin

Description: prof. Sanja Bojanić

Technical Support: Andreja Malovoz PhD, Tina Perić Lukačević mag. cult., Aleksandar Živanović

Graphic Design: Bojana Vuksanović, BA in Architecture

Sponsors: Ministry of Culture, Cresanka d.d.

Print: Arskopija, Zagreb