#rijeka_terristories: New Media Atlas of Architecture or Profile of One City

#rijeka_terristories is a hashtag used by Nataša Janković within her newly formed Instagram webpage Rijeka terristories https://www.instagram.com/rijeka_terristories/. This webpage was launched as part of a research project  – Re/I:translating terRI[s]tories: architectural stories about Rijeka’s territory http://cas.uniri.hr/cas-fellowship-programme/current-fellows/ with the purpose of a methodological examination of new media forms for presentation and dissemination of results derived from the architectural research. Rijeka terristories Instagram webpage refers to re:reading and re:translating some of the terRI(s)tories (architectural stories about Rijeka’s territory) with the aim of transcription / documenting the only constant thing about cities – their transformation (you can read (in Croatian) more about project development here: https://vizkultura.hr/mapiranje-arhitektonskih-prica/). For this reason, this webpage may be considered as a specific new media atlas of architecture – i.e. portrait, or profile of one city, that was created through methodological exploring through printed and new media forms of representation and dissemination of research results. The main contribution of this project is the potential use of its results for the purpose of education about or promotion of Rijeka city.

The material presented within rijeka_terristories Instagram page follows 20 thematic maps (developed within the research: Architectural terRI(s)tories: mapping the process of city territory transformation) grouped in relation to the dominant factor of space production): socialscape (landscape of society), powerscape (landscape of power), visionscape (landscape of visions), memoryscape (landscape of memory places), alterscape (landscope of the spatial alternatives), as well as spaces of porosity (empty spaces within the urban landscape). These thematic maps emphasize the urban transformation of the 20th century Rijeka through the presentation of prominent architectural and urban spaces important for the socio-ideological, political, economic, infrastructural and cultural space production of Rijeka

(http://cas.uniri.hr/natasha-jankovic/). Here (https://www.instagram.com/rijeka_terristories/) you can find maps, objects and itineraries in Rijeka that you can be interested in, so brows, follow, repost or like it, or just take a look at #rijeka_terristories before Nataša take us to a journey through this new media architectural atlas, i.e. profile of a Rijeka city! 

Nataša Janković, PhD, architect, currently in the position of research fellow and teaching associate of the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture and postdoc research fellow of the University of Rijeka – CAS SEE. She is active in different fields of architecture – research: publishes in journals, books and conference proceedings and also actively organizes conferences and workshops; design: participates in exhibitions and architectural and urban competitions, but also do some graphic design; practice: together with two colleagues (M&M) run an architectural studio N2M (based in Belgrade) that deals with architectural design and construction; but she also tries to interconnect all of this with the architectural education: actively engaged within the educational process of the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, but often acts as a guest critic within different institutions both national and international. So far, her particular research interests is given to the topic of the relationship between architecture and territory, architecture and nature, as well as city territory transformation and its mapping.
She seeks to read some of the terri(s)tories (architectural inscriptions within the territory); but she also wishes to mark the territory: by making an architectural gesture in a natural environment, in order to write some new terri(S)tory.

The seminar was held at the University of Rijeka on January 28th, 2019.