Regional Perspectives on Palestine

The “Regional Perspectives on Palestine” invites us to engage with one of our time’s most enduring and contentious issues. Set against the backdrop of the recent devastating Israeli attacks on Gaza that followed after the Hamas terror attacks in Israel, this series of lunchtime online discussions seeks to unpack the historical, political, and human dimensions of a struggle that has shaped and continues to shape global geopolitics. The series calls on participants to reflect on the power of international solidarity and the responsibility of global citizens in the face of conflict and suffering.

Held at lunchtime for optimal accessibility, each hour-long session will feature a dialogue between two or more researchers and scholars, offering their insights and reflections on various aspects of the conflict. The focus is not only on the intricate history of Israel and Palestine but also on the broader implications of the conflict, including the potential for peace and the significant role of international communities as witnesses to the violence.

This series wants to provide a space to host a range of guest speakers from the Balkan region. The Balkans, with their own history of conflict and reconciliation, offer a unique lens through which to view and understand the Israel-Palestine situation. Through these dialogues, the series aims to foster a deeper understanding of the conflict, encouraging empathy, critical thinking, and a nuanced appreciation of the challenges and opportunities for peace.

The series is a joint initiative of the Centre for Advanced Studies Southeast Europe CAS SEE and the Centre for Peace Studies and Conflict Studies at the University of Rijeka. Hosts and organizers: Sanja Bojanić, Valeria Graziano, Piro Rexhepi, Nebojša Zelič.

1. Reviving Peace Advocacy: Regional Networks Against War in the Israel-Palestine Context

14th December 2023
12:00 (PM) – Online, Zoom


  • Gorana Mlinarević is a feminist activist, human rights defender and researcher on post-war issues and experiences affecting women primarily in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region of the former Yugoslavia. Her interdisciplinary research often explores intersections and tensions between identity politics and economic and social realities of the post-war societies and societies undergoing political, social and economic transformations.
  • Vesna Teršelić is a social activist who has aided Croatia’s transition from war to democracy. She received the 1998 Right Livelihood Award along with Katarina Kruhonja of the Centre for Peace, Non-Violence and Human Rights in Osijek. Together, they were among the leaders of a peace movement that was the most active part of the emerging civil society in Croatia in the 1990s.
  • Emina Bužinkić is an activist, writer, scholar focused on migration justice and transnational solidarities in the Balkans. A post-doc researcher at Institute for Development and International Relations

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Photo by Marija Janković: Žene u crnom, Beograd, November 2023

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