On Monday, June 13th, the Greek artists Yorgos Bakalos and Maria Katsioni presented the artistic research project “Ogygia are you real?“, created during an artistic residency organized by the DOMINO association, within the European project Island Connect, a sub-program of Islander Focus.

On June 7th, Croatian artists Irma Unušić SHOOMA, Anna Javoran, and Sabrina Fraternali had their work-in-progress presentation of the site-specific participative performance for young audiences, The Secret Garden, in Cres High school. It represents the result of a two-week-long local residency in the Moise Palace. The discussion with the 15-year-olds that followed the presentation was fruitful and fun.

UNIRI The Moise Palace: Cres Island

An education center of the University of Rijeka. A five-hundred-year-old patrician townhouse and the largest Renaissance palace on the Croatian islands. A venue and forum for various scientific and research activities, it welcomes visiting academics, students and scholars.