Creative Writing Masterclass by Ivana Bodrožić

1.– 4. 09. 2022.

Moise Palace, Cres

We still live in a world where writers and readers are gendered and where much of the canon is full of generally accepted stereotypical female characters. We should not ignore the overtone that is in the phrase “female writing”, coined to stand in opposition to the “real writing”.

Many people fall into the trap of writing “true literature” by consciously or unconsciously giving up topics that are not considered worthy of universal literature (experiences of pregnancy and childbirth, mother-daughter relationship, friend relationships, diseases and conditions related to women’s biological conditions, normalized patriarchy and many others) as well as trying to adapt their style to something that is not too “sentimental, vulnerable, fludid”, imitating the voices of the canon that mostly speak of only one side of human experience. Ivana Bodrožić’s masterclass And how does “female writing” sound to you? will focus on how to write consciously and relevantly in the world of gender inequality, how to listen to and write voices of those who have long been denied one, whether women or other marginalized groups, and how to contribute to the future of literature that will not just repeat historical patterns.


The four-day workshop will be held in two daily terms, morning from 10:00 to 12:00 and afternoon from 16:00 to 18:00, a total of 16 full hours in the cycle. Lectures will be combined with exercises and writing. Tasks will be creative in nature, selected texts will be read, and texts written by participants during the workshops will be discussed in a stimulating and collegial atmosphere. The goal is for each participant to write their own short story by the end of the cycle, inspired by their own experience of the “different” and their new insights.

Working language: Croatian

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*Masterclass has a limited number of participants

Registration deadline: 20th of July 2022

Applicants will be informed regarding their application until the 1st of August 2022.

Registration fee: 400 kuna/30 eura

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