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CAS SEE Seminars with Guests: YugoslaWomen+ Collective

On Thursday, January 27th at 10 am, we hosted CAS SEE Weekly Seminar with YugoslaWomen+ Collective, presented by our Fellow Katarina Kušić.

YugoslaWomen+ Collective is a group of six women scholars of and from the post-Yugoslav space, who, by using personal experiences, analyse the dynamics of knowledge production in International Relations, especially in regards to the Balkans. Working in Global North academia, and IR in particular, they are often perceived as liminal categories — embedded in Western academia but with lived experiences in the region they study. Their research is thus subjected to a particular gaze, seeped in assumptions about ‘ulterior’ motives and expectations about writing and representation. Can those expected to be objects of knowledge ever become epistemic subjects? They argue that the rendering of the post-Yugoslav space as conflict-prone and as Europe’s liminal semiperiphery in the discipline of IR cannot be decoupled from the rendering of the region and those seen as related to it as unable to produce knowledge that, in mainstream IR discussions, is seen as valuable and ‘objective’. Looking from a position of in-betweenness whereby the post-Yugoslav region and those seen as related to it are simultaneously postcolonial, postsocialist, post-war, and characterized by marginalisation, complicity, and privilege in global racialized hierarchies at the same time, can make visible specific forms of coloniality, potentially creating space for anti- and/or decolonial alternatives.

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