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CAS SEE Seminars with Guests: Martin Müller

Go East: Thinking beyond North and South

On Thursday, January 13th at 12 pm, we hosted CAS SEE Weekly Seminar with Martin Müller, presented by our Fellow Katarina Kušić.

What could it mean to intervene in the making of global theory from the perspective of the East? What voices would we hear, what paths would we open, what wisdoms would we challenge? And through what means could thinking with the East in global theory become possible? This talk shows how thinking with the East is not only possible but necessary if we want to arrive at a ‘global theory’ of diverse voices and multiple locations that deserves the name.

Martin Müller is a professor in the Department of Geography and Sustainability at the University of Lausanne. He heads the research team M3 (Materialities | Multiplicities | Metropolis). His major research focus is on cities and falls into two fields: cultural institutions and sports events, with a particular focus on their sustainability; and the geopolitics of geographical knowledge and thinking with the Global Easts.

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