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Lisa Marie Huffert was born and raised in the cultural landscape of Chiemgau, in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps. From 2016 to Feb. 2022 she studied the bachelor’s and master’s degree program in architecture at the Georg-Simon-Ohm University of Technology in Nuremberg, Germany. She completed her studies with a master’s thesis entitled “Revitalization strategy – from the fate and future of Lubenice”. Since then she has held the title of Master of Arts M.A. Architecture. For over a decade she has been visiting the islands of Cres and Losinj every year during the summer season, which is how she got to know Lubenice. In her thesis she dealt with the relationship between local and social context in connection with a complementary architecture for the revitalization of an abandoned place. Through her thesis she has learned one thing above all: in order to achieve acceptance for architecture in a sensitive context, it is necessary to work for and with the people concerned.

On Friday, March 18th at 10am CET we hosted the CAS SEE Seminar with Lisa Marie Huffert, presented by our Fellow Tena Prelec.

This Master Tesis aim to find a revitalization strategy for the nearly abandoned town of Lubenice. The problem of rural exodus and the extinction of older generations leave the settlement as an uninhabited space for investors and planners. The concepts of the town of Cres, the investor Fil Adria d.o.o. and the architects Arta Projektiarnje to provide accommodation for up to 200 visitors with a luxury camping site in a selected area, about one kilometer from Lubenice, causes resistance from locals and relatives. According to a survey, for the locals, the strategy of the initiators is not the right treatment of the historical heritage that Lubenice represents for them. For the planners, the project means an increase in tourism and at the same time the creation of new jobs. The idea of the locals, however, is not so much to increase tourism, but rather to create a possibility for them to stay in Lubenice for a longer period, in the best case permanently. The priority is to preserve tradition and culture. Lack of communication is the reason for the opposing attitudes of the two interest groups, which has even led to the stagnation of the planning of the glamping project. The alternative concept that has been developed is based on a dialogue with stakeholders and locals and an intensive study of the history and nature of the town. In the measures presented, attention is paid to the preservation of the existing and historic buildings of the future UNESCO World Heritage Site. In this context, for the planned reuse of existing houses, buildings already acquired by investors and in serious disrepair are considered. The idea of a new building, in connection with the elaborated strategy, can be adapted to the area already planned by the initiators. However, to show that new architecture can achieve a respectful and appropriate treatment of the social and architectural context, this work includes the proposal of a design that is directly related to the city. It is thus presented that it is not the need for a large building area and a multitude of new buildings, but the architecture in combination with a sound concept that can bring about revitalization.

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