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CAS SEE Seminars with Guests: Ivan Cerovac

Ivan Cerovac is an independent scholar who holds two PhDs in philosophy, one from the University of Trieste and another from the University of Rijeka. He writes and teaches a range of topics in ethics and political philosophy, including political legitimacy, social justice, and democratic theory. Cerovac is the author of Epistemic Democracy and Political Legitimacy (Palgrave Macmillan 2020) and John Stuart Mill and Epistemic Democracy (Lexington Books 2022).

Mill and Epistemic Democracy

On Thursday, April 21st at 12 pm (CET), we  hosted the CAS SEE Seminar with Ivan Cerovac, presented by our Fellow Marko-Luka Zubčić.

The talk focuses on the epistemic (cognitive) character of democratic institutional practices and the protection of fundamental liberties in Mill’s political thought, using it as a basis for interpreting institutional political proposals and moral standards within his theory. Mill addresses various issues and offers proposals that often seem to be motivated by different reasons and lead to diverse, sometimes even incompatible, results. I hold that identifying the epistemic criteria within Mill’s proposals can serve as a basis for unifying his political thought. Furthermore, it can help us resolve the tension between political and epistemic values present in contemporary discussions. The talk analyses several under-investigated ideas in Mill’s political thought. It characterizes Mill as an epistemic democrat and sets his theory in the broader explanatory framework related to the justification of collective decision-making procedures. My work follows Mill’s sophisticated argumentation from its roots in utilitarian moral theory to its implications in liberal democracy.

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