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CAS SEE Seminars with Guests: Davor Džalto

Dr. Davor Džalto is Professor in Religion, Art, and Democracy at University College Stockholm. His research focuses primarily on exploring human freedom and creativity as metaphysical, political, and aesthetic concepts. Over his academic career, he has taught at numerous European and American universities in religious and peace studies, theology, art history and theory, aesthetics, and critical theory. As a practicing artist, he works primarily in the medium of painting.

Anarchy and the Kingdom of God 

On Thursday, May 5th at 12 pm. (CET), we hosted the CAS SEE Seminar with Davor Džalto, presented by our Fellow Paul Blamire.

Anarchy and the Kingdom of God reclaims the concept of “anarchism” both as a political philosophy and a way of thinking of the sociopolitical sphere from a theological perspective. Through a genuinely theological approach to the issues of power, coercion, and oppression, Davor Džalto advances human freedom—one of the most prominent forces in human history—as a foundational theological principle in Christianity. That principle enables a fresh reexamination of the problems of democracy and justice in the age of global (neoliberal) capitalism.

For the first time in academic literature, the book develops a comprehensive and critical examination of Orthodox political theologies while constructing a convincing case for an “anarchist” political theology as the only consistent approach to the sphere of politics from an Orthodox Christian perspective.


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