The Center for Advanced Studies: Southeast Europe (CAS SEE) at the University of Rijeka is pleased to announce the recipients of the CAS SEE Fellowship Autumn/Winter 2022. Please join us in congratulating the following researchers with exceptional projects:

Tamara Banjeglav – Give peace a chance: Remembering slow-moving processes in the age of fast commemorations in a post-conflict environment

Nicola Camilleri – Shooting for the Empire. A Cultural and Social History of Shooting Associations in Imperial Germany

Christian Costamagna – The causes of the Kosovo war and NATO intervention against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia: a preliminary exploration of Yugoslav and the USA declassified political and military documents

Zala Miklos Istvan – Climate Justice and the Polluter Pays Principle: A Tort Law Perspective

Zala Pavšič – The personal is political: Solidarity, friendship, and other resistance narratives in Rijeka in the times of hybridization

Leda Sutlović – Contemporary Feminist Activism in the post-Yugoslav Region 

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