PROSTOR is an educational project based on the pro-social involvement of young islanders in reviving the island’s heritage by applying modern, digital, cultural, and artistic tools, as well as new technologies and visual practices.

The project is being led by the INTERACTA Organization with partner organization RECAS (CAS SEE) in cooperation with High School Bol (Brač), Middle School Vis, and Children’s Residential Home Cres.

The project consists of online workshops which are organized through activities of collaborative learning and co-creative development for cultural engagement and the creation of new cultural and social products.

The workshops titled “Digital Media and Virtual Reality in Heritage Presentation” and “Introduction to Key Film Disciplines: Directing, Camera, Screenwriting, Production, Sound Recording, and Editing” were conducted in the past months. Additionally, workshops on “Tools and Techniques of Storytelling” and “Transmedia Approach to Presenting Cultural Heritage” were held. These workshop modules were dedicated to learning the production of digital content for presentation in virtual space, utilizing tools and equipment for digital processing and production, as well as acquiring the ability to differentiate between various types of digital media/presentations. Throughout the course of the workshops, each participant strived to visualize their connection to the island and their upbringing on it through practical work, such as developing ideas, filming and editing short documentary films, and creating narratives based on selected places or objects that held special significance for them.

The participants presented 360 panoramas and 3D scans of cultural heritage objects from the island of Brač that they had previously created. They were advised on how to improve their performance and received instructions on which medium to use to further capture their selected locations/objects for the archive and later for digital exhibition. As part of the “Transmedia Approach to Presenting Cultural Heritage” workshop, a presentation was held on how to create a transmedia exhibition, and the participants were tasked with designing their own exhibition layout and sketching it based on the instructions provided in the presentation.

The workshop “Analog and Digital Media” took place, during which the participants had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the historical development of media and discuss the ways in which media serve us in various aspects of life. Through an interactive exercise, they were invited to apply their knowledge of media to practical examples from their own experiences of using some of the mentioned media. The result of this workshop will be a visual representation – a collage in the analog and digital world, which will also be part of the final virtual exhibition.


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