University of Rijeka, Center for Advanced Studies – South East Europe and Center for Industrial Heritage organized an education on Rijeka industrial heritage designed for tourist guides, which took place on February 11th, 2019 in “Akvarij“, at the University of Rijeka campus.

University of Rijeka is working alongside the City of Rijeka and Rijeka Tourist Board in a program and infrastructure development project “Touristic Valorisation of Representative Monuments of Rijeka’s Industrial Heritage”, focusing on the renovation of the Sugar Refinery Palace in the Benčić complex and the Galeb ship – two objects to be renovated and opened in Rijeka, managed by the City Museum of Rijeka in 2020. The project includes various education and research activities and the creation of the industrial and marine route, connecting diverse cultural and historic city locations.

The lecture by Center for Industrial Heritage director, prof. dr. sc. Julija Lozzi Barković, focused on the east industrial zone of the city, exploring the rich history of various objects. From Vodovodna Ulica to Delta, numerous sites “hide“ relevant insights into city’s development and should be regarded as waiting for valorization. The director of the City Museum of Rijeka, Ervin Dubrović held a lecture on Andrija Ljudevit Adamić, the famous city patron, an enterpreneur of early industrial age, responsible for the accelerated development of the city in 19th Century.

The second part of the program featured the lecture by Velid Đekić (City Museum of Rijeka) on the subject of Barač Street (“Historical and tourist stroll throught the cradle of Rijeka’s industry“), which introduced numerous intriguing and historically relevant objects and persons connected with the presently largely neglected zone which not so long ago had at least one traffic jam a day. The education was wrapped up with a lecture by Kristina Pandža from Center for Industrial Heritage focused on the “First years in Rijeka’s factories after the Second World War“, overviewing the historical, cultural and economic developments taking place in the course of the rebuilding of the city following the war devastation.

The education of tourist guides is a part of the program activities of the University of Rijeka, partner in execution of the “Touristic Valorisation of Representative Monuments of Rijeka’s Industrial Heritage” project, funded by the European Regional Development Fund – Operational Program “Competitiveness and Cohesion”. Once renovated, in 2020 the Baroque Palace and the Galeb ship will be managed by the City Museum of Rijeka. The project is managed by the City of Rijeka in partnership with the Rijeka Tourist Board and the University of Rijeka – Center for Industrial Heritage and the Center for Advanced Studies – South East Europe.