Citizenship from the Margins

CAS SEE Fellows at the conference “How to Act Together”

Fragile Infrastructures of Togetherness

Saturday, November 21, House of Culture, Faculty of Media and Communication, Belgrade

Chair: Sanja Milutinović Bojanić, CAS SEE, Rijeka

Aleksandra Djurasovic: “Oh, we could be together, if only the things weren’t so complicated”: Complexity Factor in the Late Post-Socialist Transition in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Giulia Carabelli: Affects That Bond and Disband: On the Production of Spaces for Being Together-with and -against in Bosnia Herzegovina During the 2014 Protests

Piro Rexhepi: After Ankara: Hierarchies of Togetherness and Humanitarian Violence

Francesco Marone: The Body as a Weapon: The Logic of Self-Sacrifice in Suicide Bombing

Julija Sardelic: Acts of Citizenship from the Margins: Romani Minorities and Social Movements in Southeastern Europe

Vera Tripodi: The Role of the Body in Politics, Epistemic Injustice, and Prejudice

Jeremy F. Walton: Merely Political: Agonistic Rhetorics of Unity and Anxieties of Proximity in Ankara