Fragile Infrastructures of Togetherness

Saturday, November 21, House of Culture, Faculty of Media and Communication, Belgrade

Chair: Sanja Milutinović Bojanić, CAS SEE, Rijeka

Aleksandra Djurasovic: “Oh, we could be together, if only the things weren’t so complicated”: Complexity Factor in the Late Post-Socialist Transition in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Giulia Carabelli: Affects That Bond and Disband: On the Production of Spaces for Being Together-with and -against in Bosnia Herzegovina During the 2014 Protests

Piro Rexhepi: After Ankara: Hierarchies of Togetherness and Humanitarian Violence

Francesco Marone: The Body as a Weapon: The Logic of Self-Sacrifice in Suicide Bombing

Julija Sardelic: Acts of Citizenship from the Margins: Romani Minorities and Social Movements in Southeastern Europe

Vera Tripodi: The Role of the Body in Politics, Epistemic Injustice, and Prejudice

Jeremy F. Walton: Merely Political: Agonistic Rhetorics of Unity and Anxieties of Proximity in Ankara