PROSTOR is an educational project based on the pro-social involvement of young islanders in reviving the island’s heritage by applying modern, digital, cultural, and artistic tools, as well as new technologies and visual practices.

The project is being led by the INTERACTA Organization with partner organization RECAS (CAS SEE) in cooperation with High School Bol (Brač), Middle School Vis, and Children’s Residential Home Cres.

About the PROSTOR Project

The project consists of online workshops which are organized through activities of collaborative learning and co-creative development for cultural engagement and the creation of new cultural and social products.

The workshop program focuses on the needed skills for creating a virtual exhibition about the cultural heritage of the islands of Vis, Brač, and Cres. Through the educational program, participants work with mentors to create a virtual exhibition and promote cultural heritage using storytelling techniques through multiple media platforms and artistic media practices. The program hones skills in storytelling, filmmaking, and reflection, employing creative tools like 3D art applications and VR techniques to ultimately showcase cultural heritage in the virtual exhibition.


PROSTOR Organizers and Benefactors