On Friday, June 12th, 2020, the Moise Palace hosted prof. dr. sc. Jasna Krstović, who held a lecture entitled “The Role of Grandparents in Contemporary Childhood”. It was an introduction to a series of lectures for citizens in the Moise Palace in Cres, the scientific and educational center of the University of Rijeka. Prof. Krstović’s lecture, which was in part conceived as an exchange of experiences with visitors – grandparents (the so-called nonni) or those who are about to become grandparents – opened several important questions: how much has the role of grandparents changed?; how to cope in the role of grandparents?; how grandparents can help restore family balance?; and ultimately, how can one learn to be a better grandmother or a better grandfather? Prof. Krstović answered these questions from the perspective of a scientist, presenting important insights from the field of pedagogy and related sciences, but also from the personal perspective of a grandmother and a mother, sharing some of her own experiences. This last “Friday at the Moise” gathering has, just as the previous one, attracted the maximum number of visitors in accordance with the epidemiological measures proscribed.

Next Friday, June 19th, 2020 the Moise will welcome professor dr.sc. Juraj Sepčić, professor emeritus of the University of Rijeka and a native of Cres. His lecture, “About Health”, will consider the concept of “health” through different contexts, and relations. A complementary lecture focusing on the term “disease” is planned to take place this fall.