On July 2nd 2020, at 20.00, several days before the Croatian general election, the Moise Palace will host a discussion on the topic of “How Can We Improve Our Democracy?”. The discussion will be led by Sanja Bojanić, executive director of Center for Advanced Studies Southeast Europe and a professor at Academy for Applied Arts, and Marko-Luka Zubčić, PhD from University of Rijeka and an expert associate of the Center.

Democracy produces better decisions than oligarchy. Despite the popularity of ideas about “enlightened absolutism” and technocracy, when the decision-making is delegated to small groups of people removed from the wider population, the key factor determining the quality of their decisions is not benevolence or erudition but their ignorance. History, formal models, and argumentative theories show exactly that: no group of people removed from the wider population can have access to the knowledge required for solving the unknown future problems in a dynamic and unpredictable world.

Frustration with democracy has, however, become commonplace. And while our institutional systems will never be perfect, it seems it’s time to start thinking about which aspects of our democracy reduce its potentials in problem-solving, and which aspects are lacking for it to produce better decisions.

In a democratic spirit, this Evening at Moise the public will be invited to discuss the problems and search for plausible solutions required for the improvement of our democracy.