We are welcoming a new generation of fellows at the University of Rijeka and Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory in Belgrade!

We have two cohorts of fellows joining us, as part of the “End of Violence” Fellowships and “Southeast European Solidarity” Fellowships for threatened scholars.

Read more about our Fellows here.

CAS SEE Fellows Spring Semester 2023

Tamara Banjeglav | Institute of Economics, Zagreb | Project title: “Give peace a chance: Remembering slow-moving changes in the age of fast commemorations in a post-conflict environment“.

Marina Christodoulou | Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences | Project title: “How to Kill a Woman in the Real and in Art: Violence against Women in Fiction and “Non-Fiction”“.

Christian Costamagna | Università del Piemonte Orientale, Vercelli | Project title: “How to End a War: the Case of the NATO Intervention Against the Yugoslav Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999.“.

Giustino De Michele | Université Paris 8 | Project title: “Negotiating with Violence: From the Economy of Violence to the Violence of Economics, Following Deconstruction“.

Letizia Konderak | Università degli Studi di Bari | Project title: “Politics, War, and Violence. A Reading Between Arendt and Schmitt“.

Tomáš Korda | Charles University, Prague | Project title: “Inter-state Misrecognition and Violence According to Hegel“.

Leda Sutlović | University of Vienna | Project title: “Contemporary Feminist Activism in the post-Yugoslav Region“.

Javier Toscano | Center for Advanced Internet Studies, Bochum | Project title: “Violence. Understanding the Elementary Forms of Social Aggression“.

Endi Tupja | Research Fellow at Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen, Innsbruck | Project title: “All The Missing Caregivers“.

Andreas Wilmes | Pázmány Péter Catholic University | West University of Timișoara | Project title: “The ‘New Violence’. An Essay on Johan Galtung and the Technological Society.“.


Mikhail Bukhtoyarov | Siberian State Aerospace University | Krasnoyarsk State Technical University, Russia | Project title: Connected learner, augmented learner: seamlessness of educational data flow inside the transhuman educational system.

Olexandr Moskalenko | National Scientific Centre “Hon. Prof. M.S. Bokarius Forensic Science Institute”, Kharkiv | Project title: “From candidacy to membership – Comparative analysis of the EU political conditionality for Ukraine and Western Balkan countries“.

Olha Nykorak | Department of Constitutional Law, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv | Project title: “Role of constitutional identity in national security and European Union enlargement: examples of Ukraine and Southeastern Europe“.

Oleksiy Polunin | National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine in Kyiv | Project title: “The manipulability theories of causality in the space of the multiple mental representations of time flow: can we produce and then break a reliable causality representation?“.

Ekaterina Purgina | Ural Federal University, Ural Institute for the Humanities, Ekaterinburg | Project title: “Boundaries and Boundary-Crossing in Digital Narratives of Russian Emigrants after 24 February 2022“.

Sergei Shevchenko | Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences | Project title: “Refugee Cognitive Ecology. Towards an Ethics of Oblivion.“.

Dmitrii Trubnikov | Department of Management, St. Petersburg School of Economics and Management, HSE University | Project title: “Russian Cyberspace: A Rent-Seeking Road to the Digital Gulag“.


Fellowships are enabled by the ERSTE Foundation and Rockefeller Brothers Fund in the framework of supporting brain circulation for democratic development in Southeast Europe.