On May 27, 2023, at Moise Palace in Cres, an expert meeting on the topic “Accessible Tourism through Adaptation and Universal Design” was held.


“With the Wind Through Silence” (S vjetrom kroz tišinu) is a unique project that began its journey back in 2002. It started as a sailing gathering in Lošinj, incorporating various other activities over the years aimed at improving the quality of life for deaf individuals. Since 2021, the gathering has been held in Opatija, sailing to Cres, where Moise Palace hosts the Expert Meeting titled “Sea Accessible to All,” initiating various topics related to activities in, on, and around the sea for people with disabilities.

Moise Palace, with its accessibility and availability, along with the great understanding of the palace’s staff and activities within, became a place included in our multi-day program. Besides sailing, diving, art workshops, and the 4th Expert Meeting “Sea Accessible to All” with the theme “Accessible Tourism through Adaptation and Universal Design,” two new activities were introduced for the first time. This included collaboration with JK Reful from Cres through the Little Sailing School, where besides deaf and hard of hearing children, young sailors from JK Reful were also involved, and the implementation of inclusive practices through the screening of films adapted for deaf and hard of hearing individuals and children.