Working seminars with Erhard Busek (Chairman of the Institute for Danube Region and Central Europe) and Shalini Randeria (Rector of the IWM, Vienna) and CAS SEE Fellows took place on Tuesday, 24 November at the Sveučilišni odjeli building (Room 804). On that occasion Piro Rexhepi, Julija Sardelic, Giulia Carabelli, Aleksandra Djurasovic, Jeremy Walton and Francesco Marone presented their work in Rijeka.

On Wednesday, 25 November, at the same place was held another working seminar with Hedvig Morvai (Executive Director of the Fund for the Balkans, Belgrade / Bruxelles), Giuseppe Mastruzzo (Executive Director of the International University College of Turin) and CAS SEE Fellows.

Erhard Busek gave a talk “Berlin Process and Civil Society”

In times of crisis and growing authoritarian tendencies, the aim of this intervention is to discuss ways of keeping European and democratic values high in focus (be it in formal processes like Berlin process or in more informal settings like in social protests). Working Seminar with CAS SEE Fellows follows afterwards. Fellows will present their projects and work while in Rijeka.

Giuseppe Mastruzzo discussed with fellows “The Borders of Europe and the Borders of the Law: Refugees and Migrants as a Test Bench for Taking Exception to Freedom”

“Can anyone legally confine the global reach of migration? The current uncontainable flood of migrants and refugees into Europe could bring one to view as short-sighted the recent projects and measures of repression of global mobility induced by war or economics. Yet, the current instances of construction of the borders of Europe as walls may result in the long-sighted structuring of instances of permanent exception to everybody’s freedom of physical and intellectual mobility and expression within Europe, and eventually in an overall challenge to European democracy. Shielding the borders of Europe and individual European states could then be seen as pushing the borders of European law beyond democracy into the territory of innovative tyranny, where only mainstream discourse is allowed, while physical and intellectual nomadism is made illegal.” – Giuseppe Mastruzzo