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CAS SEE Seminars with Guests: Jasmina Husanovic

Jasmina Husanovic is a Full Professor of Cultural and Gender Studies at the University of Tuzla, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. She earned her PhD in 2003 at the Department of International Politics, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK, with the thesis entitled ‘Recasting Political Community and Emancipatory Politics: Reflections on Bosnia’. Her research interests are in cultural and political theory and praxis dealing with the politics of witnessing, equality and solidarity, governance of life and culture of trauma, as well as emancipatory politics with a focus on intersecting public spaces of cultural and knowledge production (critical pedagogies in art, education, and activism). She has published widely on these themes in the post-Yugoslav region and internationally, including three monographs, three co-edited volumes, and numerous articles in scholarly journals and edited volumes. Her most recent monograph is Culture, Community, and Activism in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Emancipatory Trajectories (Tuzla, 2020). She has been engaged in various teaching, publishing, and research initiatives and platforms regionally and internationally concerning the issues of memory, trauma, violence, solidarity, and social justice. In the last 25 years, she has been closely involved in social and political struggles and activist initiatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina and former Yugoslavia which fight against violence and inequality.

Justice from Below in Art, Academia and Activism: Resistance as A Critical History of the Present

On Thursday, May 19th at 12 pm (CET), we will host the CAS SEE Seminar with Jasmina Husanović presented by our Fellow Damir Arsenijević.

In this seminar, Jasmina Husanović will give a short exposition of several key trajectories of resistance to the dominant regimes of power in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the pathways of hopeful politics that lean towards radical imaginaries and practices of transformative justice in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The focus is on the lessons of selected interventions emerging in the internationalist Tuzla-based intersecting circles of art, academia, and activism in the last two decades.  The aim is to outline the methods of collaborative work based on critical pedagogies and the concept of „community as academia“ embodied in the work of platforms such as Workers’ University, AURA, Zemlja-Voda-Zrak, and Ekofem BiH.   After this exposition, Damir Arsenijević and Jasmina Husanović will engage in a critical dialogue around the key challenges and promises of their collaboration concerning the production of the very material conditions (visions, spaces, and agents) for socially and politically engaged knowledge and cultural production in the sphere of social justice, including ecological one.  The seminar will then open the space for a moderated structured discussion with all participants along the lines that bring us together when forging critical transformative practices today


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