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CAS SEE Seminars with Guests: Fabiana Zollo

Dr. Fabiana Zollo is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. Her research investigates information and misinformation spreading, social dynamics, and the emergence of collective narratives online. Her results have been published on renowned international journals, widely covered by media, and largely disseminated. Since 2019, she is serving as an External Expert to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). In 2020, she joined the Task Force “Data Science” at AGCOM, the Italian Communications Authority, and the Working Group established by the Italian Presidency of Council to study the phenomenon of disinformation on COVID-19.

Polarisation, Misinformation, and Hate: Investigating Social Dynamics with Online Data

On Thursday, December 16th at 12 am (CET), we are going to host CAS SEE Weekly Seminar with Dr. Fabiana Zollo, presented by our fellow Gabriele Giacomini. The seminar is entitled: “Polarisation, Misinformation, and Hate: Investigating Social Dynamics with Online Data”.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the challenge of conveying and communicating complexity and uncertainty to the public, also given the increasing central role of the Internet and social media. Designed to maximise users’ presence on the platform and to deliver targeted advertising, social media transformed the information landscape and have rapidly become the main information sources for many of their users. Information spreads faster and farther online, in a flow-through system where users have immediate access to unlimited content. This may facilitate the proliferation of mis- and dis-information, generating chaos, and limiting access to correct information. In this talk, I will provide an overview of how social dynamics and behavioural patterns can be investigated and analysed with online data, and discuss how data-driven insights can be used to design effective strategies to counter misinformation and improve the overall quality of the information system.

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