On Thursday, April 20th at 12 PM (CET), we are hosting the CAS SEE Seminar with Liz Orembo and Scott Timcke on The Slow Violence of Artificial Intelligence, in conversation with our Fellow Javier Toscano.

Yorgos Christidis


Liz Orembo is a research associate at Research ICT Africa, an African think tank based in Cape Town, South Africa. She is working on projects around information disorders, platforms and data governance.

Yorgos Christidis


Scott Timcke is a senior research associate at Research ICT Africa. He is leading the information disorders and AI risk & cybersecurity projects. His primary area of expertise is in democratic development policy, industrialization, and the role of the state in promoting egalitarian outcomes. His second book, Algorithms and the End of Politics, was published by Bristol University Press in 2021.

About the Seminar

Artificial intelligence (AI) ethics aim to help technicians and policy-makers reduce the potential negative impacts of this software. However, the discourse is missing important contributions from the Global South. Specifically, efforts to understand how and why AI is embedded in broader power structures and reproducing existing inequalities are incomplete.

This talk will address the issue of AI Ethics with special attention to how AI impacts inequality and vulnerable communities globally. We will discuss the prevailing conceptualization of AI Ethics from the Global North. Moreover, we will juxtapose them against contributions from the Global South. These challenge the existing paradigms by incorporating questions of slow violence, context-variation, and the role of extractism in causing global inequalities.

These issues are by no means only relevant to the Global South but help to understand how AI shapes societies and the long-term implications these technologies might have.

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Fellowships are enabled by the ERSTE Foundation and Rockefeller Brothers Fund in the framework of supporting brain circulation for democratic development in Southeast Europe.

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