On Thursday, June 22nd at 12 PM (CET), we are hosting the CAS SEE Seminar with Hana Ćurak on Upending the patriarchy one visual at a time: a case of “Sve su to vještice”, in conversation with our Fellow Leda Sutlović.

Hana Ćurak

Hana Ćurak

Hana Ćurak (b. 1994, Sarajevo) is a cultural researcher, feminist, author, and producer. Currently she works as a research associate at Humboldt University in Berlin, in the Collaborative Research Project “Intervening Arts”.

She is the founder of the academic and artistic platform It’s all Witches, a counter-archive aimed at subversion of patriarchal culture across former Yugoslavia. Her research interests focus on the concepts of collectivity, intervention and resistance in the context of curatorial practices across post-Yugoslavia. She is also a media consultant with European Endowment for Democracy.

About the Seminar

To what extent is it possible to upend patriarchal temporalities, and by which means? Recent feminist examples in post-Yugoslav countries, but also beyond, seem to highlight a central role of archiving, visuality, humor and digital sphere where cultural tropes are combined with affective framing of political messages.

This presentation offers insights into Sve su to vještice [It’s All Witches], one of such platforms, focusing on its political and artistic dimension.

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Fellowships are enabled by the ERSTE Foundation and Rockefeller Brothers Fund in the framework of supporting brain circulation for democratic development in Southeast Europe.

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