An intensive workshop on (self)organizing and management in culture

Date: Rijeka, June 26 – 28, 2017, each day from 11.00 to 16.00, including two short breaks

Venue: APURI (Academy of Applied Arts, University of Rijeka), Room A209, Slavka Krautzeka bb, 51000 Rijeka

Workshop hosts: dr. Peter Purg, School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica (Slovenia) and Danica Bojić, student assistant at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, University of the Arts, Belgrade (Serbia)

The workshop applied selected elements of strategic analysis and planning in order to empower existing student initiatives or emerging artist collectives towards efficiency, resilience and sustainability.

Following a dynamic combination of short-lecture inputs, discussion rounds and plenum presentations, the outcome of the workshop was an outlined strategic analyses and plans that might be further developed.

The workshop provided:

  • a step-by-step blueprint on how to facilitate transformation process and tailor structured formats for non-formal creative collaboration initiatives, in order for them to grow sustainable and with resilience;
  • experience of practical implementation of such a blueprint, through strategic analysis and strategic plan development;
  • room to discuss selected best practice examples of non-formal art groups and collectives that have developed a sustainable (co)creative process.

Participants first assessed current environment, context, positioning and prospects of their art initiatives, which enabled them to further contemplate, discuss and document possible development scenarios that would be subsequently laid out into step-by-step strategic plans. This workshop thus not only offered how-to tools and guidelines, but simultaneously provided room for experiential learning, reflection and quality mentor feedback.

Workshop attendance is free for all participants (no fees).



▹Monday, June 26, 2017

Establishing dialogue between workshop participants

Analyzing status and needs of participants (gropus) and their processes

Strategic analysis

Genealogical analysis

SWOT analysis

▹Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Strategic analysis

Genealogical and SWOT analysis review

Mapping and positioning

▹Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Strategic planning of organizational development

Short presentations in plenum

Evaluation and lookout

Organizers: The workshop is organised by the Academy of Applied Arts (University of Rijeka) and CAS SEE, with the support of the University of Nova Gorica, School of Arts, Slovenia (Akademija umetnosti) and the Erasmus+ academic mobility programme.

Workshop hosts:

pETER Purg is researching and teaching New Media (Art), at times acting as performer or media artist, while at others as academic quality expert, juror or consultant. He enjoys coordinating projects and networks, so far he coordinated several international projects and consortia of various sizes and profiles, he lead two NGOs in the realm of art and culture, and has recently been mentoring or consulting several such initiatives.
pETER Purg leads the New Media module in the Digital/Media Arts and Practices graduate/postgraduate programme at the School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica (Slovenia/Italy), where he acts as associate professor and international projects lead. After obtaining a PhD in media art, communication science and literature from the University of Erfurt, his scientific inquiries now also include media arts pedagogy, (inter)cultural management, media ecology and interdisciplinary collaboration. His artistic interests range from lecture and intermedia performances to interactive installations, as well as web, sound and body art, with a particular focus on public space. He currently leads the School of Arts team in the PAIC – Participatory Art for Invisible Communities international project, supported by Creative Europe, and has lead international academic projects such as ADRIART (Advancing Digitally Renewed Interactions in Art Teaching), IDEATE (Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurial Application for Transforming Education in High Technologies) as well as the award-winning HiLoVv (Hidden Lives of Venice on Video). pETER Purg is coordinator of ADRIART.CE, a CEEPUS-supported network of 8 art academies from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia and Slovenia. He lead the interdisciplinary collective Bobnars United with over a hundred music events, research projects and intermedia productions between 2001 and 2006, as well as conceived anti-consumerism interventions within the Podgana PPP street performance group.

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Danica Bojic is a young manager in culture and media, focused on entrepreneurship in culture, creative industries and international cooperation. Currently she is working as Expert associate, leading the Office of International Relations and Projects at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, as well as being student associate at the Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade where she is appointed to mentor practical work of students in the Project Cycle Management course. From 2006 to 2012 she was board member of the Union of secondary school students in Serbia, an NGO initiating systemic changes in the field of student self-organization and participation of young people in the decision-making processes. There she gained knowledge and skills in various fields like project management, international cooperation, project design, teamwork, peer education, PR, advocacy and lobbying. Within the OBESSU Danica was member of the working group “The Future of Education” and on national level she participated in the work of  the National Education Council, also acting as member of a consultative workgroup for drafting the first Law on youth (Ministry of youth and Sports). She was also member of the consultative workgroup drafting the “Strategy for the development of education in Serbia 2020” with the Ministry of Education and Science. In recent years Danica has focused on the field of culture, finishing in 2015 the “Management and production in theatre, radio and culture” programme at the Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade. During studies she worked on various projects as author or team member ( “Moving history “, “Audio Forum” etc.). She was assistant coordinator at the Office for International Relations at the University of the Arts and acted as assistant at the Creative Europe Desk Serbia. Currently she is also engaged in “Stiglo”, a start-up initiative on fashion and design.