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Which is the tribe to opt for, the ‘somewheres‘ or the ‘anywheres‘? What is it that a Croatian island (and its town) of Cres can offer to ‘anywheres’ (in a Goodhart’s vocabulary: ‘anywheres‘ are footloose, often urban, socially liberal, and university-educated…) while still protecting its locals (the ‘somewheres‘ – rooted in their specific place and community)?

Together with our guests, the CAS SEE  investigates how this flux of persons and goods functions not only during warm summer months but also in the winter period after the tourists have gone when the rains start immersing narrow passages and aqua alta reaches the Moise Palace, the most significant Renaissance patrician townhouse on the Croatian islands. The center welcomes visiting students and artists wishing to withdraw for a moment to a serene and inspiring collaboration setting. The Moise Palace is already a study haven for those who intend to conduct scientific and artistic work while enjoying the island’s pristine nature. It is a place to restore individual and group wellness while mapping the local and advancing new investigative practices.

 Questioning the uncomfortable position of “academic tourists” and looking for elements that disturb the setting from inside, our guests could challenge their traveler’s comfort zones and immerse into the urban-cum-natural tissue of Cres to develop both locally and globally meaningful research and artistic responses to the materials and signals in situ.

The postdoctoral Fellowship Program is central to CAS SEE mission. The Program provides support for early-stage researchers to pursue their independent research projects and contribute to the vibrant CAS SEE academic and public program. The Program welcomes two groups of Fellows annually.

Artists in Residence program offers fully furnished private rooms and working space for various forms of visual and performing arts. Mediation in organizing a solo show or presentations as a closure of the residency period.

On the occasion of the Festival of Science
CAS SEE Fellows Surgery Project

Fellowship Program in Rijeka and in the Moise Palace

The Center for Advanced Studies Southeast Europe at the University of Rijeka identifies prospective young scholars from Southeast Europe working abroad and in the region. It helps them to (re)connect to global scholarly trends by providing support and infrastructure for conducting independent research projects.

  • Here, There and Everywhere: Migrations Program
  • Beliefs and Ideas Program
  • Rules, Power and Structures Program
  • Economies of Living Together Program
  • The Global and The Local Program 
  • Religions and Ethics Program
  • Living Together: Cities and Localities Program
  • Cultural Studies: Aesthetics of Practice and Practical Aesthetics Program
  • Bodies, Gender and Sexualities Program
  • Yesterday Today Program

Residences in the Moise Palace

The artist in Residence program is a platform for performing and visual arts, literature, music, new media, the Internet, and other art practices.

  • It is a home for those who want to broaden and develop their working practice and poetics.
  • In the sea of residencies settled in urban centers, thus shunning from local communities, our house has open doors for the existing communities of Cres island and its social, cultural, and biological heritage.
  • We believe that observers, friends, and colleagues are also outside our institutions, NGOs, or audience-development strategies.
  • Moise palace art residency program encourages artists to challenge their production and presentation context, which is displaced from projective temporalities and is not necessarily new.
  • Still, necessarily now, immersed into the flux of persons and goods that are to be shared anywhere and somewhere, anytime and some time.
  • Well, not sometimes, but time spent on Cres.
Labyrinthe in Tramuntana, Northern Cres

Performance Vibrant Matter – 29th September, 2020

Sophia Mage in collaboration with; Charlotte Petersen, Klara Utke Acs, Hilde Ingeborg Sandvold (dance) Søs Gunver Ryberg (live sound) Laura Rathschau (set and costume design) Rune Abro, Michel Winkler-Krog (light and visuals).


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