Thinking beyond Capitalism

CAS SEE Fellows at the conference “Thinking beyond Capitalism”

New Perspectives on Debt and Economy

Friday, June 26, House of Culture, Faculty of Media and Communication, Belgrade

Panel Chair: Sanja Milutinović Bojanić

Two Historians in Front of the Economic Crisis of 2007-2008: E. Hobsbawm and T. Judt Between Marxism and the Legacies of the 20th Century – Marco Bresciani

Is Capitalism in Our Genes? Competition, Cooperation and the Idea of Homo Oeconomicus from an Evolutionary Perspective – Mariagrazia Portera

Debt Resistance – Beyond or Within Capitalism? – Tamara Caraus

Money as Debt – Marcello Barison

From Death Drive to Debt Drive – Aaron Schuster