Multicultural Adriatic Area

Across the National Borders: Making and Remaking the Multicultural Adriatic Area

We are happy to invite you to the CAS SEE Workshop organised by CAS SEE Fellows, Marco Abram, Marco Bresciani, Jan Mus and Francesca Rolandi from the History Department of the Faculty for Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Rijeka.
The workshop is dedicated to the new researches and approaches of the Upper Adriatic history and it will take place on June 10th from 9h15 to 13h30 at the Faculty for Humanities and Social Sciences(Room 206, 2nd Floor).
Special guest of the workshop is Professor Drago Roksandić (University of Zagreb) who kindly accepted the invitation to comment presentations by Jan Mus, Marco Bresciani, Štefan Čok, Marco Abram, Francesca Rolandi, Anita  Buhin and Chiara Bonfiglioli.