Moise Palace Program

EVENINGS AT THE MOISE: “Building of Hotel Cres, former city granary”

On Thursday, 1st April at the Moise Palace mag. art. Jasminka Ćus-Rukonić held a lecture on “Building of Hotel Cres, former city granary”. 

At the beginning of the XIX. in the whole of Europe, including Cres, the former city walls and all other city buildings that lost their previous role were abandoned, so the City of Cres sold the Praetorian Palace to private individuals, and began to use the Fontega building (granary) for its own purposes. At first, there was a city administration, for a time even a public school, and at the end of the XIX. century the building was sold and converted into a hotel. At the beginning of the 20th century, the hotel got another, second floor and a balcony on the first floor of the west facade.

This was the second lecture by Ćus-Rukonić in the Palace after she was a guest in the first season with the lecture “Coats of Arms” in the Moise Palace.

The lecture is available for watching at Moise Palace Facebook page:

“EVENINGS AT THE MOISE”: Life in the age of disease COVID-19 – the value of information in protecting the rights of vulnerable members of society

 We have continued with lectures for citizens at the Moise Palace on Thursday, 25th March with a lecture entitled “Life in the age of disease COVID-19 – the value of information in protecting the rights of vulnerable members of society.” The lecture was held by dr. sc. Dalida Rittossa and Dejana Golenko from the Faculty of Law, University of Rijeka.


They presented the results of interdisciplinary research conducted between employees of non-governmental organizations in Rijekathat provide support to victims of domestic violence and their beneficiaries on how to access and provide information on the protection of their rights during a pandemic. The purpose of this research is to stimulate discussion on this topic in the wider community.

The lecture is available for watching at Moise Palace Facebook page:

“Evenings at the Moise”: Challenges of Parenting

On Thursday, 19th November at the Moise Palace dr. sc. Sanja Smojver Ažić held a lecture on “Challenges of Parenting”. The lecture dealt with various aspects of what it means to be a parent these days, tackling various issues of modern-day parenthood. Today we tend to treat children as “small adults”, but what does that mean exactly? Is their “happiness” really the main goal of parenting? Today’s children become independent at a later age than ever before, and parents feel the responsibility to prepare them for a world that is more and more difficult to grasp – from dealing with social networks to an array of more serious issues.

Dr. sc. Sanja Smojver Ažić works at the Department of Psychology of the University of Rijeka. She is a renowned expert on developmental psychology and the psychology of parenting.

This lecture was the third consecutive lecture held at the Moise Palace to be streamed online through the Facebook Live platform. Online participants also had the opportunity to directly post comments and questions which were then read out loud.

The lecture is available for watching at Moise Palace Facebook page:

Photos by Renato Muškardin

“Evenings at the Moise”: The Coats of Arms in the Moise Palace

On Thursday, November 12th, Jasminka Ćus Rukonić, an archaeologist who dedicated a considerable portion of her career to the study of heraldry, gave a lecture entitled The Coats of Arms in the Moise Palace at the Moise palace. The talk elaborated on the known coats of arms and their locations across the palace and explained how to interpret color when it comes to stone coats of arms. In the ensuing discussion, a couple of people from the audience shared their memories of the Moise family members from the past century.

The palace contains 35 coats of arms, most of which were revealed during the building’s recent reconstruction. Since most of these coats of arms – no less than 32 pieces – belong to the Petris family, the more recent scientific literature has been referring to the palace as the “Petris-Moise palace”.

There were several branches of the Petris family, but the most renowned branch was the one whose most famous descendant was Frane Petrić, a Renaissance philosopher and scientist. The lecture pointed out the differences between the coats of arms of various branches of the Petris family. The coats of arms on the newly discovered frescoes and painted wooden plates helped detect the building’s original owners: the most powerful branch of the Petris family. “We can rightfully say that we are now sitting in Frane Petrić’s salon“, Ćus Rukonić concluded.

Photos by Renato Muškardin

“Evenings at the Moise”: Air quality on the islands of Cres and Lošinj

Prof. dr. sc. Ana Alebić-Juretić from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Rijeka held a lecture “Air quality on the islands of Cres and Lošinj” on 5th November at the Moise Palace. It was also the first lecture with an online broadcast via Facebook Live, and we will continue with this practice in the future – on Thursdays at 6 pm.

Prof. Alebić-Juretić mentioned that air quality depends on the air quality in the surrounding areas and that it is generally a very good situation on our islands. There are certain traces of various compounds that vary from year to year, as well as throughout the year, but clean air can primarily be “thanks” to the cessation of production in the area. Dr. sc. Alebić-Juretić commented on the fact that the real victory would be to have both production and good air quality, as is the case with more and more European cities, such as the Austrian city of Linz.
The importance of the measuring station on Vrana Lake was emphasized several times. There was talk about the impact of air quality on Vrana Lake and lake water composition and changes over the years and decades.

Dr. sc. Alebić-Juretić pointed out that it is good for health to travel to a different climate occasionally – “change the air”, as they used to say in the past – either to the sea, in the mountains, north or south, so that the body has the opportunity to be exposed to different conditions.

Photo by Renato Muškardin

“Evenings at the Moise”: Lecture by Dr. Juraj Sepčić

Dr. Juraj Sepčić has designed a series of lectures entitled “Flipping through a Catalogue of Human Pathology”, divided by topics into several “chapters” that will be presented to the public in the coming months. The first lecture entitled “Congenital and hereditary diseases,” held on October 29th, 2020, at the Moise palace.

The audience had the opportunity to hear an explanation of the concept and functioning of genes and genetic inheritance, but also how people in the past, based on experience, sought to curb the transmission of hereditary diseases. Among other things, Dr. Sepčić looked at the current pandemic from a genetic point of view, explaining how and why individuals will develop different disease forms. We also learned how modern medicine allows the treatment and cure of hereditary diseases that were considered incurable until recently.

Photos by Renato Muškardin

“Fridays at the Moise” – Dr. Juraj Sepčić

“Fridays at the Moise” gatherings have continued on June 19th, 2020, with a lecture entitled “About Health”, and held by prof. dr. sc. Juraj Sepčić. The lecture is a part of a weekly event organized by the Centre for Lifelong Learning and the University of Rijeka.

“Health Is Silence of the Body”

Dr. Sepčić is professor emeritus at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Rijeka. His long career in working with patients and continuously studying medical science(s), enabled dr. Sepčić to introduce to us the concept of “health” through many aspects and circumstances. He began by asking – What is “health” and what does it mean to be “healthy”? Is it just the absence of disease, or does “being healthy” mean more than that? Those who visited last Friday’s lecture had the opportunity to hear about various approaches to health, as well as about the importance of an individual and a holistic approach to each person when it comes to enhancing their health.

Next Friday, on June 26th, 2020, the Moise Palace will host Tanja Blašković, an art pedagogue whose lecture entitled “From Garbage to Art” will consider the use of plastic bags as a medium for creating works of art and fashion accessories.

Thanks to Walter Salković for the photo coverage of our last Friday event and we hope to see as many interested citizens next Friday at the Moise as well.

“Fridays at the Moise”: The Role of Grandparents in Contemporary Childhood

On Friday, June 12th, 2020, the Moise Palace hosted prof. dr. sc. Jasna Krstović, who held a lecture entitled “The Role of Grandparents in Contemporary Childhood”. It was an introduction to a series of lectures for citizens in the Moise Palace in Cres, the scientific and educational center of the University of Rijeka. Prof. Krstović’s lecture, which was in part conceived as an exchange of experiences with visitors – grandparents (the so-called nonni) or those who are about to become grandparents – opened several important questions: how much has the role of grandparents changed?; how to cope in the role of grandparents?; how grandparents can help restore family balance?; and ultimately, how can one learn to be a better grandmother or a better grandfather? Prof. Krstović answered these questions from the perspective of a scientist, presenting important insights from the field of pedagogy and related sciences, but also from the personal perspective of a grandmother and a mother, sharing some of her own experiences. This last “Friday at the Moise” gathering has, just as the previous one, attracted the maximum number of visitors in accordance with the epidemiological measures proscribed.

Next Friday, June 19th, 2020 the Moise will welcome professor Juraj Sepčić, professor emeritus of the University of Rijeka and a native of Cres. His lecture, “About Health”, will consider the concept of “health” through different contexts, and relations. A complementary lecture focusing on the term “disease” is planned to take place this fall.

“Fridays at the Moise”

After the Lockdown, on Friday, June 5th, 2020 the Moise Palace Program was finally launched with an event – “Fridays at the Moise”, opening the Moise Palace to citizens of Cres and their guests. The first lecture, entitled “The Poetics and the Poeticness of Physics – To See the World in a Grain of Sand” was held by prof. dr. sc. Rajka Jurdana Šepić, University of Rijeka, Department for Physics. For last Friday’s Moise visitors, prof. Jurdana Šepić uncovered what is poetic in physics and science in general, as well as having explained why science and art are more akin than is usually considered. During the evening, prof. Jurdana Šepić, who enjoys and also writes poetry in the Croatian language and in Čakavian dialect, also held a poetic performance entitled “Star Verses and Space Landscapes”. The event was attended by the maximum number of visitors, given the prescribed epidemiological measures.

“Fridays at the Moise” is a program dedicated to the citizens of Cres, Lošinj, and everyone who is able to attend lectures and activities related to various topics whose common denominator is based on a scientific way of thinking and concluding. The contents of the planned programs are intended for all age groups and professions.



The academic activities for citizens at the Moise Palace will, for now, take place every Friday, and the upcoming lectures will bring topics from the fields of pedagogy, medicine, biotechnology, as well as those from the field of art.

“Fridays at the Moise” continues next Friday, June 12th, 2020, with a lecture on “The Role of Grandparents in Modern Childhood”, which will be held by dr. sc. Jasna Krstović.