dr. sc. Vedrana Mikulić Crnković

EVENINGS AT THE MOISE: “Mathematical Circus”

On Saturday, May 15, 2021, at the Moise Palace, Associate Professor dr. sc. Vedrana Mikulić Crnković and Associate Professor dr. sc. Bojan Crnković held a workshop for children called “Mathematical Circus”.

Professors from the Department of Mathematics at the University of Rijeka designed the workshops and lectures as part of the Science Festival 2021 – Culture of Science.
Bojan Crnković and Vedrana Mikulić Crnković, mathematicians, designed and created several activities to describe the connections between mathematics and the elements of the circus show. In this workshop, children learned about the mathematics behind some circus elements.


Science Festival – workshop on coding for high school students at Moise Palace

On Saturday, October 17th, 2020, at the Moise Palace prof. dr. sc. Vedrana Mikulić Crnković and prof. dr. sc. Bojan Crnković gave the lecture on coding for high school students from Cres as part of the “Science Festival”.

To encipher means to convert a text into code using a certain key. The need for encoding has existed since the dawn of civilization. The lecture presented a timeline of encoding, starting with how Caesar used codes, how the Enigma worked, the present-day use of encoding, and what we can expect in the future. The lecture was followed by a scavanger hunt, in search of secret hidden somewhere in the palace, using several encoding and decoding devices.