Petar Bojanic (CAS SEE, Belgrade Institute for Philosphy and Social Theory) gave a keynote lecture On Counter-Institution. Europe, Refuge, Hospitality, Destitution (Chair: Dan Lazea), on June 4th at the Refugees, Migrants and Cosmo-Politics Conference in Bucharest, organized by the New Europe College – Institute for Advanced Study in cooperation with Centre Fundamenta Politica, Faculty of Political Science, University of Bucharest ”SCOPE 2016 – Science of Politics”.

Conference Convenors: Members of the research group Cosmopolitanism in a Philosophical Perspective: Tamara Cărăuș, Elena Paris, Camil Pârvu

Partners: Center for Constitutional Law and Political Institutions of the Law School, University of Bucharest, Center for Advanced Studies – SEE, University of Rijeka, Croatia. With the support of the US Embassy in Bucharest.