Center for Advanced Studies Southeast Europe (UNIRI) is a member of the International Consortium of Critical Theory Programs from its establishment in December 2016. The task of this international consortium is to document, connect, and support the new and varied forms that critical theory has assumed in light of contemporary global challenges. The Consortium is co-directed by Professor Judith Butler (UC Berkeley) and Professor Penelope Deutscher (Northwestern University).

The International Consortium develops its initiatives through various publishing and exchange programs and conferences. It is focused on four topics: violence, memory, democracy, and the critical tasks of the university. All of its initiatives are designed to develop the new global forms of critical theory, both within university and in its various public lives. The Consortium aims to incite new forms of collaborative research among a wide range of regions and languages, connecting the disconnected and foregrounding the periphery in an effort to respond critically to contemporary challenges to critical thinking.

For more information, see International Consortium official website